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Mission and values

Extrabanca consists of people from all over the world. Our focus is to help you finance and realize your dreams.
A young and dynamic bank for foreigners, made of a multiethnic team to best meet the needs of an increasingly multicultural world.
Thanks to Extrabanca’s services everyone can feel at home.
Our consultants will answer your questions. They will assist you with timely and clear communication. You will always find someone who speaks your language.
Cozy, colorful and barrier-free, the Extrabanca branches are the concrete expression of a single, no-border bank that aims to be next to those who move around the world!
We are open Monday through Saturday with continuous hours until 7 pm.


Our staff consists of experts from all over the world.
A multiethnic team, created to enhance cultural differences and understand the specific needs of our clients.
Join Extrabanca’s banking services. You will find a family of consultants ready for you.

Social integration and multiculturalism. These are the values that drive my work at Extrabanca. Because helping people realizing their dreams is always a special emotion.

Luran Wang

Ufficio Imprese

Thanks to my experience at Extrabanca I have grown professionally in a multicultural and open to innovation institution.

Roberto Paulillo

Responsabile Area Amministrazioni e Controlli

Nothing is more gratifying than helping someone realizing his dreams. Extrabanca gives people this opportunity, and I am happy to make my little contribution.

Lin Guanlan

Filiale di Milano Pergolesi

At Extrabanca we always look at the future because making plans for our future helps us build our present.

Kevin Pinargote

Filiale di Milano Pergolesi

Working at Extrabanca means working for a leading edge company, open to multiculturalism and social integration.

Fangli Xu

Filiale di Prato

Working in a team is very motivating. At Extrabanca this is even truer!

Ruiya Huang

Filiale di Milano Bramante

Allowing people from all over the world to feel at home is what drives me to believe more and more in Extrabanca.

Igor Gianfrancesco

Responsabile Risk Management

Top Management

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Andrea Orlandini

Founder and President

Andrea Orlandini, (born in 1961), is the founder and since 2006 also the President of Extrabanca. He has gained solid experience in merchant and savings banking, working for leading Italian and international financial institutions.

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Ramzi Hijazi


Ramzi Hijazi (born in 1967) of Lebanese origin, joined Extrabanca’s Board of Directors in January 2013 and was appointed Chief Executive Officer in 2014.

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Francesco Masera

Marketing Director

Francesco Masera (born in 1973) joined Extrabanca’s Board of Directors in January 2013 and was appointed Chief Commercial Officer with the degree of Deputy General Manager in 2014.

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Alberto Rabbia

Director of Governance & Operations

Alberto Rabbia (born in 1969) has over 15 years of experience in consulting and managerial positions in leading financial institutions. He started his career in finance first at Andersen Consulting and then at Bain & Company.

Our branches

Extrabanca’s branches are open Monday to Saturday continuous hours until 7 pm.
A place where you can feel at ease and receive tailor-made advice and solutions.
At Extrabanca there are no cultural barriers, we speak 14 languages and have multiethnic staff available to you.
Find the closest branch and visit us.







Are our branches too far?

Our Extrabanca’s products are also distributed by financial agents*.
You can ask about all our credit products: personal loans, mortgages to buy a house or bank guarantees to obtain your visa.
Our specialists are available to help you estimate your company’s financial needs and find the best product for you.


*(OAM A9914) Extranet e (OAM A10605) Extrarete

Extrabanca is a young and always growing bank.

Extrabanca! The first bank that caters to all immigrants working in Italy because multiculturalism is the heart of our success.
Are you looking for a job? Take a look at our different opportunities and apply for the position in line with your profile: you could be the next one joining our team!

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